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When it comes to watching a live football match, the excitement and fun you experience is different from the when you watch it on telecast. Although both give visual pleasure respectively, there is no doubt that for the real football fan...you need to get to the game. The hard core fan of football has to be at the match...on matchg day.

The live game

This is because you get a chance to buck up spirit or jeer as the case maybe of your favorite players from the stand. You can join in chorus to applaud and clap together and even give a standing ovation if the occassion arises. Hence, watching football live is the always first choice for any football fan the world over. Watching a live football match requires that you buy ticket.  Clubwww1 offers tickets for all competion games worldwide together with the kit of your favorite team from various stores online.

Ticketing website makes finding of ticket to any important event very simple and easy procedure. You have option to see ticket selection and price ranges at a glance. Apart from booking football tickets, you can also browse through other important events on the website. Fans have options to browse through price, date, time, number, availability of tickets and events in their categorical list (multi-night concert, Broadway show etc).

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The competition for football shirt sales intensifies every year with the top football shirt manufacturers going all out to try and compete with one another on design and popularity.

Major international football tournament, like Euro 2012, always attract the most amount of attention and competition but as the 2012/13 season arrives be sure to buy your shirt with us...best prices...best value...great worldwide delivery.

You can also see holistic information about the list of tickets being offered by many service providers. You have also option to see whether or not the football ticket is available on ticket vendor's site and if it is available then you can also see list of price details of the tickets. All these processes are less time consuming and you have choice to collect all vital information related to your search.

With so easy accessibility to the website, you have chance to book your ticket fast which would otherwise be demanding challenge in offline mode of booking ticket. Other thing that you should note is that booking tickets online saves your time and money simultaneously.


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There are of course a few teams that will dominate the sales in the 2012/13 season internationall.

France, Italy, Holland, Germany, England and of course the champions Spain however it is the local teams that will need supporting....start today and get ready to cheer.

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